Such a good feeling cancelling my paid tier on Dropbox this week. I’ve been ‘playing’ at self hosting for a few months, and now I’m confident in my infrastructure and processes so I can start turning off some of the cloud things I’ve been paying for.

Dropbox has gone in favor of Syncthing over Tailscale in a hub and spoke arrangement to a VM at home. The main compromise I’ve had to make is on the iOS experience.

The next subscriptions I’ll be cancelling will be Evernote (I have so loved this over the years, but as they’ve added ‘features’ the app experience has degraded to the point where it’s no longer reliable to add notes from my phone). I’m currently trying Obsidian for this , but thinking about a simpler web markdown editor for mobile.

After that, all my Wordpress blogs will be coming home to my VPS, I imagine with some sort of static site generator.