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  • The eco system really. I was anti apple for quite some time cuz I was always a gamer. Did android til maybe galaxy s2 I think and always had windows mobile phones prior to that. For a while I couldn’t do an iPhone without being jailbroken, but damn near every tweak I could have wanted has been incorporated into the OS. Plus they hired a couple of those jailbreak and jailbreak tweak developers.

    AirPods work extremely well… M series MacBooks are insane… kids have an M series iPad. Have wore a watch since I was in 1st/2nd grade. For while I had every series of Pebble watch and that was my first smart watch (damn good watches). Of course grabbed an apple one when they came out.

    2 Apple TVs as well. Everything just works so well together. On top of these I have a windows desktop and a Linux server and a remote Linux server. I’m not crazy against any one brand like some of the psychopaths you see here on Lemmy. I’d even be down to try out some of the newer androids. Just would be a waste at this point.